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Believe it or not, original wine cask, just retired from aging some of the finest vintages. The real McCoy. Stylish wrought-iron legs, hinged top and a handy drain spout. 42" high. 35 1/2" wide. 25" deep. Made in the USA.

325 10 02



A charming way to store whatever needs storing. It's a natural for wines, stemware and bar tools. The iron handled butcher block top is actually a removable tray. The inside is sealed and features one shelf. The hasp closure takes any standard combination lock. Stands on four casters. Made in the USA. 38 1/4" diameter. Tray is 21" in diameter and 1' thick. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

325 17


wine barrel table

A retired oak wine barrel is transformed into a rustic and inviting bistro table. A pine tabletop is set at café height for relaxed dining or quaffing. There’s a convenient cabinet to store glassware, tableware or spirits bottles and a traditional bar rail adds to your comfort.




barrel cooler

This adorable cooler is a venerable French oak cask that’s been reinvented as the centerpiece for your next party. Thoroughly lined with waterproof vinyl so you can fill it up with water and ice to chill your favorite wines or other beverages. A clever, stained pine top is split-hinged for easy opening and closing to keep in the cool. It drains through the handy faucet and stands on attractive wrought iron legs.




barrel bar stools

Vintage Oak Barrel Bar Stools will stand the test of time…Thick staves from actual oak wine casks form the legs, reinforced with hand-forged wrought iron braces. A barrel-hoop foot rail adds to the realism. They’re topped off with a paneled hardwood seat and stained to enhance the rustic natural beauty.